Small Groups

Our Small Group Options

Our church family consist of many families! Because of this, ministering to the family as a whole is a very important part of how we minister here at Grace Bible Church. Take a quick look into the many ways we minister with and to our Church Family. Discover how you can get connected with our family by being a part of the vast array of small groups we have!

Fellowship Families

We have multiple Fellowship Families meeting on a regular basis at various times and locations in peoples homes. Please contact us to find out where and when you can participate in this amazing ministry of fellowship and go deeper in your walk with God through some amazing times of Bible study together!

Sunday Study Groups

We have a variety of study groups that meet on Sunday morning at 10:30 am: Nursery 0-2; PK-early readers, Readers-5th, 6th-12th, and a mixed large-group study for men and women.


The men enjoy getting together for multiple events that engages opportunity to get to know each other on a real level and challenge our growth in our walk with God. We encourage you to be a part of what we are doing. [DISCOVER MORE...]


Our Women's Ministries are a wonderful way to interact, socialize, and build lasting friendships all while growing deeper in your relationship with Christ. Look into all we have! [DISCOVER MORE...]


The church family views our youth as the church today, developing into the leaders of tomorrow! The youth group enjoys times of fun, hanging out, and learning God's Word on a challenging level while learning how they are valuable to the many ministries in our church family. [DISCOVER MORE...]


Our church family places a high value on our young people. We have some great opportunities for your child through programs like AWANA , various age Sunday Study Groups, and in summer we have VBS, too. (Our Vacation Bible School program is such a blessing for the kids and those who serve! Find out how you can be a part of this great opportunity.) [DISCOVER MORE...]