You are able to give a one time gift or setup automated giving.

The Worship of Giving

We believe and teach that our giving is an act of worship. It is a spiritual discipline That is discussed a great deal in the scriptures. 2 Corinthians 9:6-7 states that God loves one who gives cheerfully from the heart. God has richly blessed so many of us. Our giving to God can come in forms of our service and our time. But scripture also speaks to us giving of our first fruits. (Exodus 23:19; Leviticus 27:30) These things were OT law, spiritual disciplines for God's people. When we give, we understand that it ALL belongs to God, we are merely stewards of His blessing. Therefore we give back a portion of what belongs to Him as an act of worship.

We have several ways people can give there tithes and offerings.

  1. When we gather together there is a portion of our worship service where we present the opportunity to give during our combined worship.

  2. You can mail your gifts to:
    Grace Bible Church
    PO Box 6248
    Parachute CO 81635

  3. You can give Online we have available the ability to Give Online Electronically