Connect With Us

Fellowship & Family

We all have the God given need for connection and fellowship; some more than others. At Grace Bible we are striving to be a church family that is welcoming people and families to join in our fellowship and ministry of our church family. Ministry is done best in person. That is why we strive to encourage people to be a part of what God is doing here at Grace. He is using our people in some exciting ways for His glory. We would like to have you connect with us as we strive to stay connected with Him!

Pull the Cords...

Glad you are here on our site checking us out, but... we really want to meet you in person. Make sure to visit us and get plugged into our church family!

Use the tools...

we also understand we live in a digital world. We strive to keep up to date in order to reach as many as we can for Jesus Christ with the tools He has let us use.