Our Events

Christmas 2022

We have many things going on as we prepare and then celebrate the birth of Jesus. We invite everyone in the community to attend.

Mesa Vista

Please help us make Christmas special at Mesa Vista Assisted Living. Please sign up to bring Christmas goodies (welcome center)

Sunday Study Groups

Come see what our Sunday Small Groups are doing...10:30a.m. Sunday mornings!

  • Adults: Sanctuary

  • 6th-12th South Education Building

  • Readers-5th (North Education Building)

  • PK-beginning readers Classroom by the office (Begin in North Education Building with older children for worship)

  • Nursery (0-2yrs) off the fellowship hall

We're thankful that God has given us truth in His Word that we can trust (Jn 17:17) and teachers who are grounded in it (2 Tim 2:2). We believe it's important to study not only individually but together, and we have something for every age.