Grace Bible Child Safety

We are committed to being a church family open to those who desire to worship with us.  We are called, as Elders, to shepherd souls and to protect the flock.  We embrace the Gospel’s mandate to protect, “the least of these,” particularly children, teens, and vulnerable adults.  In recognition that sins against children are especially heinous and vile, we have put in place our child safety policy.

Part of this policy is completing each of the below steps. We appreciate your time and care in this. We value your commitment along with our church family to helping ensure our young people are safe! The cost is covered by church funds. However, if you would like to help offset the cost of $28.00 for the full background check it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


We ask that you Register & Authorize Grace Bible to run a background check. This process is confidential and secured by Protect My Ministry. 


After you have registered you will receive an email with a personal link to complete the online training. Those under 18 use link below.


Once training is completed, please download the Grace Bible Child Safety Policy, read and sign it, then turn it into our church office. 


Please help us, as you engage in volunteering with our church family, keep our children safe! All of us working together helps make this a wonderful safe place for our children to learn about Jesus and His Word!

Annual Refresher

The background check will only need to be done once. After you have completed the background check the system at Protect My Ministry will maintain a criminal monitoring service as long as you are volunteering with us. 

In order to keep everyone on the same page and refresh ourselves on the importance of child safety there will be an annual refresher. This is sent to your email on your renewal date. The email will send you a personal link to accomplish this. Once this is completed we will be notified. If your email changes please notify the church office so we can update the system. Thank  you once again for helping us keep our children safe.